Three-phase power controller RSR92-...-T

Техническая информация


They are used to regulate the power delivered to the receiver, where this power is proportional to the input control signal. They are used in automation control systems where smooth control of receiver power is required for resistive or resistive-inductive loads. Typical applications for power controllers: heaters, industrial furnaces (annealing, quenching, drying, etc.), dryers, plastics processing equipment, industrial sealing machines, glass production industry, industrial heating systems (matting and lining of pipelines), load transformers.

Three-phase power controller (phase angle load control), control input: DC voltage 0...10 V DC or current 4...20 mA, SCR output (thyristors). Load current 25...80 A, max. load voltage 530 V AC (three-phase). Dielectric strength 4 000 Vrms (opto-isolation). RC/MOV protection (built-in resistor, capacitor, varistor). LED indicators (green, red), screw terminals. Mounting on heatsinks, recognitions, certifications, directives: RoHS, REACH.

Control input

Control voltage range

0...10 V DC

Power supply voltage range

200...530 V AC

Output circuit

Rated load current


25 A


40 A


60 A


80 A

Dimensions (L x W x H)

105 x 78 x 38 mm

Weight (typical)



360 g



560 g

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